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Pet Cremation Services in Skaneateles, NY

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CLS Cremation Services Inc. offers two types of cremation services for the owner's option.
We also provide a Certificate of Cremation for the pet owner.


This is the process of cremation when only your pet is placed in the crematory and the remains are returned to you in the type of urn you choose. 

We also provide a certificate of cremation for you to have with your pet's remains.


This is the process of cremation when your pet is cremated with additional pets and NO remains are returned to the owner. 
Cremations fees are based on the weight of your pet and which type of cremation service you choose. 

We also have available many choices of specialty urns, photo boxes and solid cherry wood boxes; as well as cremation jewelry for an additional fee. 

We also offer the option of making  clay paw print of your pet. 
Our faciltiy has been operating at our current location since 2009. Before that, Chuck worked at another location for over 20 years before moving the business to our current location at 2200 Coon Hill Road in Skaneateles, NY.
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